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Sleep education can sometimes feel a bit judgmental: “this is the most loving way to put your child to sleep.” But what if those methods don’t work?

We know you love your kiddo, and you don’t need a specific method to prove it.

And the truth is, pediatric sleep science doesn’t support one best or “most loving” method.  

The Small Steps courses aren’t sleep training courses. They unpack the holistic pediatric sleep science view — from the nutrition that impacts sleep to the play in between naps — empowering your family with a variety of tools you can choose from to fit your unique love.

your Field Guide to Newborn Sleep

50+ honkin' pages of knowledge that will help you troubleshoot newborn sleep challenges — and even prevent them!

​This guide is *jam-packed* with the science and practices you need for giant sleeps — all packaged into an easy-to-use, three part model of Eat, Play (Love), Sleep.

Check out the newborn field guide!
Certification from Baby Sleep Consultant, an international pediatric sleep training program

Foundation courses

These are the first steps toward giant sleeps. Our foundation courses are built around developmental milestones so you can have a better understanding of your kiddo.

All our courses are self-paced so you can learn on your own schedule (well, and baby's!).

And because our mission is to make sleep education accessible to everyone, if you can't afford our courses send us an email for sliding scale pricing.


Birth - 4 months

With this course, you’ll be laying the foundation for baby to fall asleep — and stay asleep, and preventing later sleep "problems."

Great for expecting parents too (and makes a great gift!)

**Comes with the Newborn Sleep Field Guide and Sleep Plan eBook AND 30 minute consultation — over $400 value!!


4 months - 1 year


The first year is all about keeping up with change. There's multiple sleep regressions, because baby's brain & sleep are rapidly developing!

With this course, you’ll be identifying the solid foods best for sleep, creating that perfect nap schedule, and getting your kiddo to sleep through the night.

(this course is still under development!)
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Toddler - preschool

1 - 5 years


Dropping naps. From the crib to the bed. MORE sleep regressions. The tantrums of the terrible twos...and terrible threes? New, BIG emotions.

With this course, you’ll help your little tyke grow into a big kid with giant sleeps.

(this course is still under development!)
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The Small Steps Roadmap

Reflux. Nightmares & night terrors. Restless leg. Multiple kiddos on different sleep schedules.

Sometimes we run into some unique situations that require a more focused understanding and more focused steps.

The Small Steps roadmap includes course content for some of these trickier situations — but it’ll take some time to build all that content.

In the meantime you can reach out for personalized sleep coaching, or subscribe to our emails to stay up-to-date with our course development.

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