Everybody needs a little help

Even Wonder Woman has a sidekick! Our courses provide enough content for most parents to get started...but what if your situation is complicated? What if you feel like things just aren't working? 

What if you just...want help?

Small Steps has got you. I've helped parents with crazy work schedules, coordinated sleep plans across three differently aged kids at once, and worked with other family members and weird daycare nap schedules to build sleep plans that work for the kiddos and their families.

Coaching options & pricing

Sleep training is just the last piece of the puzzle — when all the other pieces are in place, it may not even be necessary. My approach is holistic and science-based: we'll look at diet, cognitive development, routines, and more. Then, we'll find recommendations that suit your parenting philosophy for small steps that fit your family.

Sleep coaching all happens over the phone and email — (and yes, Small Steps has worked internationally!)

Sleep package

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”
~ Antoine de Saint-Expuéry

You'll get a sleep plan with specific actions for your situation and goals, delivered with a call so you can ask plenty of questions. In addition, you'll get follow-up support for check-ins,troubleshooting, and conversations where I'll be cheering you on every step of the way, rockstar!

w/ 3 days' support: $350
w/ 10 days' support: $500
Check out the Sleep Package process

1-hour phone call

Got things mostly under control? Not in the market for a sleep overhaul?

Grab a one hour phone call to pick my brain and fine-tune your sleep sitch..

Book a consult call!

The Sleep Package Process

It starts with an application. Not every situation is right for sleep coaching — occasionally, sleep issues need a lactation consultant or a pediatrician. No one wants to pay money to hear "go see another expert!"

Once you fill out the application, I'll reach back out within a few days. If it's a good time for us to work together, we'll get started! If it isn't, I'll be sure to point you in the right direction.

Fill out the application