A giant question

Why isn’t sleep education free?

Yeah, yeah, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. But kiddos — and their parents — need sleep. When we needed help, why was it so hard to find? Why wasn’t sleep education part of our parenting classes? Why didn’t our friends, our family, or even our doctors know how to help, or where to find help?

And when we finally found help, why was help so expensive?

It became clear that sleep education wasn’t available or accessible.

A giant mission

When communities value education, they make it accessible. There’s the school we all get growing up, but libraries, agencies, and other organizations are able to fund training — typically on things like career growth and starting a business.

But if we value career growth and business development, shouldn’t we value family sleep? Researchers estimate that sleep deprivation costs our economy up to four billion dollars a year, and a lot of that sleep deprivation comes from tired parents. Lower quality child sleep is associated with moms being less likely to continue working, fewer hours worked, and lower incomes. It's pretty clear: if we're willing to invest in the economies of our communities, we should be helping families get good sleep.

But sleep education brings more value than dollars in our economy — it creates happy, healthy children and families. That’s the value Small Steps aims to create.

Small steps toward
giant dreams

Giant dreams take a lot of work — but that’s why Small Steps was born.

Our first, small steps are:

  • developing high quality sleep education

  • building a strong user base to demonstrate success

  • convincing libraries, agencies, and other orgs to partner in our mission

Right now, we charge for our courses to fund the development of a full course offering, covering a variety of ages and specific challenges. But, we never want to lose sight of our mission — so if price is a barrier for you, send an email for sliding scale pricing.

Follow the Small Steps journey

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